Mission: btstools

Make it as easy as possible to run and monitor a delegate efficiently
Quickly react in case of error/failure

This mission of the delegate consists in funding the development of monitoring tools for running the bitshares delegate client and sending notifications in case something goes wrong with it.

It is important for security to try to have the most stable, bug-free code, but crashes, errors and adverse events always happen, so it only makes sense to also have powerful monitoring tools in order to rapidly react to conditions endangering the general health of the network.


The tools cover, or plan to cover, the following areas:

  • [DONE] one-liner tools to properly build a given version of the client and run it
  • [DONE] client monitoring of CPU, RAM, connections
  • [DONE] overview of multiple instances running on different nodes to ensure a smooth transition when compiling main node / running on a backup node
  • [DONE] email notifications and iOS push notifications when node goes offline or misses a block
  • [DONE] automatic checking and publishing of feeds for BTC, gold, silver and all fiat BitAssets
  • [TODO] anti-DDoS tools / proxies for hiding delegates


Just run pip3 install bts_tools, preferably in a virtualenv, and you should be all set!

Alternatively, the source code for the tools can be found on GitHub:

For more detailed information about installing the tools, see the documentation.


The main documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs at the following URL:

Bugs / feature requests

Please report all issues and feature requests on the GitHub issue tracker: