Our mission is to improve and enhance the strength of the network in order to make it more resilient to both accidental failures and directed attacks. The network can only grow—and thus appreciate in value—if new users are joining it, and those users will only come if they trust the system. Ultimately, we believe that the BitShares platform can turn not only into a robust system, but also into an antifragile one. This can only be achieved if the system is able to withstand software anomalies easily enough to let the economic experiments be run in a smooth manner.


To fulfill this mission, we propose the delegate bid that can be seen on the home page. Collected fees will be used to:

  • first, pay for the hosting of the delegate and backup nodes on a good quality VPS. No cheap thing, this needs to run well and quality has a price.
  • then, the remaining funds will be used to fulfill the delegate's designated missions