We believe that, thanks to the delegated proof-of-stake mechanism, a BitShares DAC has an extremely important advantage not often mentioned when compared to other crypto-currencies experiments, which is that it is able to choose its personality.


We believe that delegates should have a purpose, a mission. Running a stable delegate node is a noble purpose, but one of limited ambition. Delegates should offer more to the network than just running a stable node, they have the chance of being part of a few elected in order to ensure the entire DAC runs smoothly. If the pay they get in return is sufficient, these delegates can, and should spend it on advancing the network on a specific concept or idea. Delegates can do core development, web development, marketing, community management, etc. but should strive to provide an added value to the BitShares network, and should be voted in or out depending on what specific traits of personality the shareholders want to give to their DAC.

This is like having bonus points that you can use to boost certain characteristics of the DAC you have invested in, because you believe that the network would be better off by furthering development on these issues.


This could allow a BitShares DAC to have more delegates oriented towards core development and network infrastructure, while BitShares Music delegates could focus on marketing and funding for events at big concerts, etc... The possibilities are infinite, and it behooves the potential delegates to convince the shareholders that the value they can bring to the network is higher than the pay they get for doing it.

…and thus it became known to all living creatures on this planet that each of them was part of a whole, and that the common energy that was flowing through them and animating them all had a sentience of its own, and that it was called Gaia.

Gaia was everywhere, in the mountains and the oceans, in the earth and the wind, but there was a special forest somewhere, at the heart of which lay a hundred and one trees which were called the Council of the Wise, and which were as many facets of Gaia's personality.

Their role was to channel the energy of all life on the planet in order to magnify and amplify it, and redistribute it to sustain growth and balance of the entire ecosystem, to ultimately make Gaia a stronger and more connected place.

excerpt from the Book of Gaia